10 Tips for Selling Online & Dropshipping – Learn from MILLION-DOLLAR Seller (Fred Lam)

Discover the 10 tips for selling online and direct shipping from Sarah and the millionaire Fred Lam.

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Tip # 1: Focus on items that have a constant and continuous demand: DO NOT use a general strategy

Concentrate on selling a small number of items (10-30) so you can establish better relationships with your dropshippers and be more efficient in order processing and managing support questions. To do this, research items that have a constant and constant demand instead of listing all the items you can and trust the volume.

If you make a direct shipment on Aliexpress, this is especially relevant because if you use a paid traffic strategy, you must test the ads. It's much easier to test ads for a small number of products instead of hundreds!

The next of our 10 tips to sell online: Sell what the customer wants, instead of what you need.

High-end brands such as gucci may ask for higher prices because they appeal to what the client wants, even if they do not need it. If you want to sell high-profit items, appeal to a customer's needs instead of your needs.

The third of our 10 tips to sell online: Be patient with organic and free traffic.

Who does not like free things? Unfortunately, free traffic has one drawback: it takes time to work. Google takes time to index your website, it takes time to go up in the rankings of search engines. If you want to take advantage of the free traffic, that's fine, but be prepared to be patient. If you want fast results, use paid traffic.

The fourth of our 10 tips to sell online: use paid traffic to find high-profit items.

One of the benefits of paid traffic is that you can use it to test multiple products. You do not have to wait for Google to start sending traffic to see if the product becomes good or not, you can find out instantly sending some traffic paid to it … and use it to discover what items are faults and avoid them!

The fifth of our 10 tips to sell online: you do not need the lowest price or the highest feedback to compete.

Here are some ways to compete with other sellers:

* If you are selling / shipping an item on Amazon with a pre-existing listing, the purchase box wins.
* Create better Amazon (or eBay) lists than your competitors with better photos and a better description.
* If you are shipping in your own store using Aliexpress, then you should not worry about the price because it sets the price expectation.

The sixth of our 10 tips to sell online: create a sales funnel to beat your competitors.

Build a sales funnel with additional sales. By increasing the profit you get for each customer, it means that you will get a higher CPM (cost per mile) than your competitors who are not building a funnel. Then, you can afford to buy more than your paid traffic because you are earning more money than them.

The seventh of our 10 tips to sell online: Never take something for granted

During the fourth quarter of 2016, Amazon closed its Amazon FBA stores to new FBA sellers. This was unexpected, and a great lesson about why you should always act today instead of waiting until tomorrow: because the industry is always changing. Never take anything for granted.

The eighth of our 10 tips to sell online: Never attach to a product you love

Do not just sell a product because you like it. Choose your products from the perspective of your customers and NOT yourself. If a product has no interest, then release it and focus on finding a new product that becomes better, even if you think it's cool.

The ninth of our 10 tips for selling online: Shoot first, aim later

Bite the bullet and start your e-commerce store, create an Aliexpress store, make a list of your first product on Amazon or create your first Amazon list. It will not be perfect but it's fine, because you're learning. It is easier to understand what we taught when you tried it yourself.

And the end of our 10 tips to sell online: diversify your products.

Try to think of other items that you can sell to your customers. If you are interested in survival products, you will want many different products: flashlights, tents, backpacks and other survival items. Diversify what you're selling so you can increase your customers' sales and earn more money with them.

Video credits to Wholesale Ted YouTube channel

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    10 Tips for Selling Online & Dropshipping – Learn from MILLION-DOLLAR Seller (Fred Lam)

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