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Here are 15 ways to earn money with WordPress. If you are planning a new business for 2017, or you are simply looking for a way to generate secondary income, these 15 ideas could help you start this new business.

WordPress is an excellent platform for various business opportunities, like services, downloadable products and more. WordPress has a huge market share (for CMS) and a large energy community behind it. Keep in mind, it is always a tool, and your mileage may vary.

In the following notes, I will link you to the domains on which I have already been created, in the hope that this gives you an idea of ​​how you can work with my contact points.

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00:12 1. Customer services. I manage a customer service agency at

00:27 2. Advice. I market money, I consult on WordPress and other domains, on my Clarity channel

1:02 3. Support Services. You can offer support services for a monthly amount or a bond. Order my friends

1:53 4. Selling WordPress themes. I sell themes using Easy Digital downloads https: //

2:45 5. Sale of WordPress plugins. I sell a plugin to

3:23 6. Affiliates. You can write comments using affiliate links to earn income or become affiliated with yourself with something like AffiliateWP

4:22 7. Applications and WordPress. You can create applications that use WordPress, like or you can create applications * using * WordPress as

5:25 8. The member sites and LMS. You can create membership sites using WordPress, I would recommend Restrict Content Pro or LifterLMS

6:16 9. E-commerce on WordPress using

7:09 10. Find sponsors to sponsor your content creation. Would you like to sponsor one of my shows?

8:07 11. Writing services. Become a content writer or a content marketing specialist for companies that use WordPress as a blogging platform.

8:43 12. Training services. You can become an "elite" WordPress trainer for 1-on-1 coaching or corporate engagements. Train users to use WordPress, etc.

9:14 13. Workshops in person. You can host and market workshops in person for your local community. Teach people how to use WordPress, how to create a website, etc.

9:53 14. Accommodation. You can try (this is a stretch I know, but feasible) to become your own provider of managed WordPress hosting. Do not worry? Become a Siteground dealer

11:03 15. Become an SEO! Help customers rank and position their WordPress websites and earn more revenue. Check out the course of my friend Rebecca to become a better SEO:

This is the list! 15 Ways To Make Money With WordPress – I love hearing your comments below, I'm sure you have some 🙂

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