3 tips to help decide if the job offer is right for you


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3 tips to help you decide if the job offer is right for you.

This week we strive to do you a new job and this is the time to decide if you will take on the role you have offered. What should you do? Watch my short video for tips and add your own information. Do not forget to listen to your intestinal instinct!


Finding the right new role for you and your career can take time. The process comes with ups and downs, so take the time to heal yourself and celebrate when you receive news of an offer of employment.

It may be tempting to accept an offer of employment right away – especially if you do not enjoy your current role. But take the time to make sure this is the right role for you by completing the exercise below. You do not want to be in a position where you start a new role and quickly recognize that this is not the right role, boss or business for you.

Here are some questions that can help you decide whether the role is right for you or not.
Where is the office and what will the journey look like? Do you want to do it every day working for next year? Or the next ten years?
What is the cost of the train ticket, parking, etc.?
What are the hours and if you long want to engage at this stage of your career?
What is the overall package like salary, pension, flexible benefits, vacation days, sickness, maternity? Is that all you wanted? Otherwise, this is the time to negotiate.
Does the company offer flexible work? If this is the case, consider adding it to your contract. For example, can you work one day a week from home?
What opportunities are available in the long term, such as secondments, projects, promotion or work abroad?
What is culture, including values ​​and mission? And that it harmonizes with your values?
Is it a small business or a large business? Does it fit your preferences?
Is the company growing or stagnant?
What does the office look like? Is it open with a hot desk? If so, do you like this style?
What facilities are available on site and are they used? Things like gym, canteen, bike storage and showers.
Does the role involve travel? If so, what is the travel policy? Can you book business courses if you need to fly to Australia and what are the travel expectations? Does this mean weekends?
What does your boss look like? Do they inspire you and seem interested in your development?
What does your team look like? Will they provoke a Sunday blues?
What does the senior management team address? Is there a diversified board of directors?
What are your areas of responsibility?
Should you join phone calls sooner or later in the evening?
Does this role excite you?
Do you want this role?

Video credits to Caroline Arnold YouTube channel