5Linx.net | 5Linx Top Producer Formula: Grow Your 5Linx Profits


5Linx.net | 5Linx Top Producer Formula: Grow Your 5Linx Profits

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5Linx success seekers: Want to dominate and build a HUGE business?

If you seek to become a top earner, you must go well beyond your circle of friends and family.

The single most important skill you could ever learn is marketing.

I’ve been groomed by 6 and 7-figure income earners who taught me the following strategies we quietly use to build large businesses:

– Drive A Lot Of Visitors To Your Website

Stores generate sales from customer traffic. The more store visitors, the more money the store makes. Your 5Linx business will function the same way. The more website visitors to your internet site, the more leads you are likely to generate.

The more leads you produce, the more sales and sign ups you’ll create for your 5Linx business. The top earners in network marketing attract more leads than almost everyone else. Top earners usually generate 50-100 leads daily.

Reps in companies such as 5Linx usually generate zero to one leads per day. What will it take to attract 5Linx leads at the scale of a top producer?

You’ve got to build ONE traffic source at a time. Blogging, Facebook, Youtube and search engine optimization (SEO) are all traffic strategies. Master one form of traffic until you have twenty leads per day coming in. Never add another source of traffic until you reach this threshold.

Most new network marketers want to master 5 traffic sources at once. This will not work. They get frustrated and quit. Only pursue one traffic strategy at first.

– Incorporate A Variety Of Web Traffic Sources

The Internet is a great place to generate leads for your 5Linx business. In the beginning, it’s important you only focus on a single way to generate leads on the internet. Don’t spread yourself too thin. For beginners, it’s very overwhelming to try to do more than one internet marketing tactic at first.

After you get a satisfactory result from a single marketing tactic, it’s time to add another. There are many places to generate 5Linx leads, such as Facebook, Youtube, Google and paid advertising channels.

Master one source of website traffic, then add other traffic sources thereafter. If a source of leads for your business goes down, you have other traffic sources on which to rely.

Certain traffic sources generate more sign ups than other sources. Learn to recruit people into your 5Linx business who join your list from different web sites.

Eventually you want a diversified portfolio of traffic. Diversifying your traffic sources can increase conversion rates while reducing your risk. Create a diverse set of traffic sources, but start with only one source of traffic for your 5Linx opportunity. Otherwise you are likely to get frustrated and overwhelmed.

– Manage Time Effectively

Time is your mist precious asset as a 5Linx business owner. Employees get paid for their time, even if they don’t use their time effectively.

In contrast, entrepreneurs only get paid for the results they create with their time and resources. If you want to be successful in 5Linx, you’ve got to manage your time properly.

Schedule your days. Define when your 5Linx business activities are going to get done. You’ve got to know what to do when you start working so you don’t waste time just planning.

Stay focused on the things that generate income. Critical tasks are marketing activities and being on the phone with prospects. Limit diversions. When you work, turn off your phone and close your door.

Start your work time with the most critical tasks. When you work on your 5Linx business, begin with the tasks that bring in the most money. Figure out what your time is worth. Divide your target weekly earnings by the number of hours you want to work your business. This number is your hourly rate as a business owner.

You might expect to earn $200 an hour or more. Can you pay someone to clean your house and do other errands for less than this amount per hour? If so, then why are you doing them? You should not be spending time doing simple chores you can eas

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