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Aliexpress dropshipping tips # 1: add value to Aliexpress generic products by rating them

On Aliexpress, the products with which the shipment will be launched will be generic. In a way, this is bad: because generic products have a low perceived value. On the other hand, this is a great opportunity for you because it gives you the opportunity to change the name to yourself.

Changing brands is easy. Just give them another name. You can even buy the item for yourself and take your own high quality photos so that it stands out from the crowd.

Aliexpress dropshipping tips # 2: Emphasize free worldwide shipping

An interesting peculiarity about the buyers is that they are attracted by an offer of "free shipping" and consider it of great value, although, obviously, the seller only raises the price to absorb the cost of free shipping.

Take this for yourself and use it as a point of difference. I recommend showing an emblem of "free shipping" and emphasize it to a large extent to the client.

In addition, Aliexpress items are shipped worldwide. This represents a fantastic opportunity for you to target markets in countries that do not have good local options: look for English-speaking countries that do not have stores in the niches to which they are directed.

Aliexpress dropshipping tips # 3: Add the protection emblem to the buyer to your product pages

As with the free shipping emblem, there is a fantastic opportunity to add the protection emblem to the Aliexpress buyer to the pages of its products.

Online, customers are more likely to buy if they feel they are protected with a refund, so this will help increase their conversions.

World of Harry includes the Buyer Protection emblem on its page that has been launched directly from Aliexpress. You can definitely do this, however, I recommend you do one that is customized for your color combination / store theme to fit it.

But you do not need to stop there. You can add other emblems to your page, including credit card emblems. If you follow the instructions I provided in my video, where I showed you how to create a store (you can accept payments through PayPal, which means you can accept payments through major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express) to that can show these emblems of trust in your store legitimately.

Aliexpress dropshipping tips # 4: with search engine optimization, you do not need to pay for traffic to your dropshipping store from Aliexpress

You do not need to buy paid traffic to your store to make sales / traffic. If you take advantage of traffic from the search engines, you can do it for free.

World of Harry, a dropshipping store of Aliexpress, earns $ 1k / month and its owner, Yaro, has a portfolio of Aliexpress dropshipping websites that make him $ 4k / month. He does not pay for advertising, he uses free search engine traffic to boost sales.

Yes, $ 4k / month are not huge numbers. But everything is out of the back of the FREE traffic. If you do not have a lot of startup money, do not let that stop you: you can start only by the cost of your domain / hosting (you can learn how to get here) and then take advantage of search engine traffic.

Aliexpress dropshipping tips # 5: While you do not need paid traffic, you can make THERE ARE MANY amounts of money

Here is the reality: while you can still earn thousands of dollars a month without search engine traffic, the fact is that you will earn MORE if you accept the power of paid advertising.

Everyone that I know who is making millions of dollars with Aliexpress dropshipping is doing it from the back of Facebook advertising. Of all my dropshipping tips from Aliexpress, this is probably the most important to know / perform.

If you decide to do it on your own, start with a small budget ($ 5 is a nice and small amount to play). It's a very lucrative opportunity, but if you do it badly, you can also lose a lot of money.

On the other hand, I strongly suggest that you keep an eye on the coaching courses and tutorials of people with experience in e-commerce traffic announcements.

I hope these dropshipping tips Aliexpress have helped you! If you have not already done so, subscribe to Wholesale Ted. And if you have not already done so, be sure to download our free ebook: How to make $ 10k / month online with Dropshipping –

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    Aliexpress Dropshipping Tips – Increase Sales, Conversions, Traffic & Profit!

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