Amazon FBA Sales Update $2866 February 2017 Passive Income Work Hard and Enjoy Your Life


passive income tips

I retired most of February from the company due to burnout, laziness and the Depression. However, I managed to draw a lot of income without really doing much. I just wanted to discuss passive income and how you can always earn money by taking a leave. How was February for all of you? What are your March goals? Leave a comment or let me know if you have any questions.

Very basic list of some supplies you might need:
• Amazon Seller App (free):
• Jackery Charger (this is the cheapest, there is a bigger one available):
• Avery 8160 Labels:
• Packaging tape:
• Poly bags:
• If you are super lame like me, you might be more interested in these sellers of super cute rabbits. I always use it when I sell clothes on eBay and I do a lot of compliments:

This list does not include things like a printer, a laptop and a smart phone. They are rather a given. The main thing you will probably need to invest when you first get started is the office supplies. Pro tip: diving with dumpster is ideal for finding boxes and bubble envelopes!

Video credits to Hella Bella YouTube channel