Benefits & Risk of Investing in CRYPTO CURRENCY | Diversifying Your Risky Investments


What's New! I am the founder of a 5-person digital marketing agency that serves customers in the US and Canada (commercial link in the channel description). This playlist documents my last months before finishing school forever, going out in an exotic country and achieving digital freedom for nomads.

I am a great believer in the minimal viable product, and just starting out. This is exactly what I did about a year ago when I recovered my iPhone, I pressed the disk and uploaded it to YouTube. This channel is a work in progress and is a personal journal for me, an educational and inspiring tool for you.

The videos focus primarily on the daily management of a growing digital marketing agency. However, I also like to talk about other creative ways to earn money (real estate sub – rentals, investments in crypto – currency and more). In addition, I am passionate about lifestyle design, phycology and practical philosophy.

If you like my mood and you are interested in lifestyle design, you earn money online, business spirit or you read a business as a business, Student, sign up and escape to 9-5 and create an epic lifestyle together!

Video credits to Student Entrepreneur YouTube channel