Best 2017 Laptop For Digital Nomads & Marketers


Dell Inspiron I5 5567 Core i5 7th generation, AMD RADEON, 8 Gig ram, 1TB HD, 15.6 inch display

The review video above is for a core i7, mine is core i5, bought it for Php 36,000 straight payment (730 USD)

After I quit my day job last November 2016, one of the things me and my wife planned to buy is a laptop. My 6 year old Dell N4410 is still working but with overheating problem, so it’s high time to buy a new one.

After doing a pretty decent research of the best laptops for this coming 2017, I decided to go for Dell.



Below are 3 factors I considered it to be the… Best 2017 Laptop For Digital Nomads & Marketers.

1. Dell is the second highest ranked brand for product durability, (1st is Mac of course)

2. Dell has the highest ranked best customer service. Me and my wife need to go to and stay on other countries for a long time as digital nomads, Dell’s warranty can be transferred easily (in our case, here in south east Asia)

3. Dell Inspiron I5 5567 Core i5 7th generation, AMD RADEON, 8 Gig ram, 1TB HD, 15.6 inch display is best suited for a soon to be full time digital nomad like me. Where I prefer performance and a bang for the buck… so to speak. A mac is too expensive. The only downside of this laptop is the display (as discussed in the video) and maybe its size. But are not that important for me.

Motivation to work hard and smart

At my current rate of earning (passive income), it will take me 5 months to earn back this investment! Do the math.

So as I start 100% on my online business this 2017, I will increase my passive income, God willing. Continuously building multiple streams of income.

Workaround on Windows 10 problem

By the way, this laptop has Windows 10 already. I’m still trying to get used to this (I’m a windows 8 user). Problem I have is that Windows 10 automatically download and install updates which eats up a lot of my bandwidth (I’m on a metered connection), and Microsoft disabled the option to disable automatic updates! So I switched my WiFi settings to metered, to prevent auto updates, but still see some heavy downloads. So I manually killed those processes.

False Negative Review

Also the negative reviews on other websites of having no vents is simply not true. It has sufficient ventilation to keep things cool. The location of the vent on its bottom is no big deal for me (as seen in the video), because I use a dock with cooling fan all the time.

I’m happy with this purchase as it runs my frequently used application for making money online.

Where to Buy

If you trust my review and want to try this new laptop, check this link where you can buy (if you are in South East Asia) cash on delivery.