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Let's be honest. The idea of ​​passive income is incredibly sexy. You sit in your pajamas and every day you make a passive income from an income stream that you have created. The truth is that there are very few really passive income models and that all those that deserve to be made are far from passive at first. Some believe that YouTube is a passive source of income. I tend to disagree with this. I do not think people understand how much work begins at the beginning in the growth of a chain.

If you are willing to set the time, you can create income streams that may become passive. The truth is, however, many of the old passive income models no longer work. These four, however, are up to date and up to date. These four passive income models are functioning in 2017 and will continue to move from the front.

1. Write a blog specific to a niche.

Blogging has always been a way to generate passive income. But it is 2017 now and the days of publishing a blog savvy that speaks about random topics are over, unless you are lucky! For the rest of us who do not rely on luck, there are blogs specific to the niche. These are blogs that plunge deep into a very narrow subject. They are authoritative and very specific. Here is the main problem that people are doing with this, they are not going deep enough. If you think you have found a niche, make 5 layers deeper. For example, grooming dogs is not a niche. Grooming a teacup yorkie is a niche topic. You can generate passive income from a niche blog by placing advertisements on the site, selling a product you make, selling a resource or guide or making affiliate sales of the products you are talking about .

2. Write an ebook.

Ebooks are an excellent passive income model, but you need to know how to sell them. It does not matter if you have the best guide ever written about building a tarantula terrarium if no one buys it. You have to learn how to sell your ebook, not just how to write it. Your ebook should also be very accurate. You want to share your expertise on something you already know a lot. You can write a manual, a guide, a guide for beginners. There are plenty of options. You can generate passive income by selling the ebook or you can leverage the ebook to generate leads for a coaching service or others sell them as affiliates on sites like ClickBank.

3. Enter on AirBnb.

If you have vacant properties, a spare room, an open-air house or leave your home for weeks, you can rent them to a guest. Although this is not completely passive, it is a huge trend to which people are entering. Even better, if you have local attractions in the area, you can rent your reserve spaces for a premium price.

4. Rental income.

The latest passive income model for 2017 is rental income. This is the proven passive income model that has made many people millionaires. Although it is not passive at first, it can become passive once you have enough properties and a management company involved. This passive income model will bring you the most money, but it is the hardest to start.

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