Black Desert Online (BDO) Beginners Endgame Game #2 – Incomes, Manufacturing, Nodes, Grind Spots

Human, you're so lucky, I'll give you my black blood, and sweet, and tears (although I do not cry, because the orcs do not cry), free access to my spreadsheet I talked about in this video:

Link to spreadsheet in Google Drive

Link to the complete spreadsheet in Google Spreadsheets:

But if you are not a complete novice in Excel, you are an unconditional BDO / compiler and want to help complete more information with more types of construction (it takes a little time), you can send me an email to: azbolg @ gmail. com and request that they put it as an editor so that ALL will share the most up-to-date version of the spreadsheet that everyone can share, it would be incredible. Here is the link to that, which could be more updated:

Link to the group editable PnL sheet:

The music used was BDO OST

This is the second part of a series of videos for the game Beginner's Endgame in Black Desert Online or BDO, an MMORPG.

In this video we will see the three types of income generation: active, semi-active and passive. This will include analysis of milling, collection and processing, point of contribution (CP) system, workers and accommodation, investments in knots, manufacturing and market.

The main objective of this video is to understand BDO's unique and complex market system, how to get money from it and achieve our ultimate goal of the game: to buy incredible equipment in the market.

A unique aspect of BDO is the deep market system. Of those MMOs that have a drafting system to begin with, I feel that BDO has the deepest economy. And while it might be the most complex system I've seen in an MMORPG, it's pretty stable overall.

In BDO there are 3 methodologies to make money: Active (Milling), Semi-Active (Collection and Processing) and Passive (CP System and AFK fishing). We will now look at each of these separately, but we will focus more on passive income generation.


The best resource nodes to get:

Fishing Video of Incend AFK:

Special thanks to BladeBoques, a true merchant and BDO guru, follow him on Twitch here:

Or sub for him here

Black Desert Online (BDO) Beginners Endgame Game # 2 – Assets, passive income, workers, manufacturing

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Name game: Black Desert Online
Year: 2016
Price: $ 49.99
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Black Desert Online (Korean: 검은 사막) is a massive multiplayer online sandbox-oriented RPG by Korean video game developer Pearl Abyss. [1][2] Black Desert Online uses Pearl Abyss' own Black Desert engine, specifically created to handle the required fast rendering. [1][2] The game has been in development since 2010, and entered Beta Closed Tests (CBT) in October 2013. [forhisworldwithoutfissuresandsiegesofcastlesonalargescale[7][8] It was launched in Korea in 2014, Japan and Russia in 2015, and North America and Europe in 2016. Black Desert Online uses a free model in Korea, Japan and Russia, [1][9][10] while in Europe and North America the game uses one purchase model per game.

All music is licensed under a Creative Common license. Music creators, DJs and producers can send messages or comment on this video your links of video links / download to your music if you want to use it, however, it must be available for commercial use. Spectators are encouraged and may recommend royalty-free music for inclusion in other futures videos.

Video credits to Azbolg the Gaming Orc YouTube channel

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    Black Desert Online (BDO) Beginners Endgame Game #2 – Incomes, Manufacturing, Nodes, Grind Spots

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