Can I Quit My Job Over the Phone?


Why do not you want to quit your job over the phone. It can happen very badly!

I do not think I can work one more day. Can I leave my work by telephone?

Yes you can. If you want it, it is different.

I want to tell my boss what I think of him, but I do not want anybody else to hear.

Be careful to quit smoking by phone because the boss can save the call. Or put it on the speaker so that other people can hear the conversation.

I could call one of my co-workers and ask them to leave.

And how does the boss know that this is not a farce? Talk to the supervisor, not a colleague.

A voicemail should work. I could add some cool special effects to the background while I am there.

Avoid leaving a message to leave, as it may not be heard. You might be dismissed for cause if you do not know that you are leaving, because you have not presented.

What is not going to be fired?

If you are laid off, you can not get unemployment. If you quit, you could get it if you can prove that it was due to impossible working conditions or a continuous illness of yourself or a child.

This sounds like an opportunity to leave a funny message. I'd just like to be able to create the funny video of this girl who was announcing that she was leaving, dancing to rap music.

Have you seen the funny response from the company, including a message "we recruit"? Quitting on the phone is considered rude, but sometimes you do not have another alternative.

Are there alternatives?

If you can not call your boss, you can send an email. Do not forget that everything you put into the email is considered in writing and mandatory.

You make it so formally felt.

Here is a formal reason to call them. To tell your business or human resources what to do with your final check so that it does not end up on an unclaimed real estate site in two years.

I could go shouting "Show me money!"

Email can and will be forwarded to HR, so do not insult your boss in the email. And voicemail is often backed up online, too, do not do something that makes you look stupid.

I just want to leave.

If you want to leave, you can. Do not take what is not yours, such as a badge or cell phone.

But I keep this black stapler in principle.

Video credits to Question Everything YouTube channel