Debra Sofia Magdalene talks about Ladies – Make Money Whilst Travelling Retreat


how to escape the rat race create passive income

Debra Sofia Magdalene is interviewed by Roy Sheppard about Ladies – Make Money While Traveling Retreat.

Join Debra Sofia Magdalene and Rachel Gedney at this 3-day retreat for women who want to design a new life and generate income while exploring different parts of the world or moving temporarily or permanently.

This Retreat is:

Women aged 35 and over who want to earn money by traveling
Women recently divorced, bereaved, separated etc. Looking for a new start
Women who want to bring adventure into their lives
Women who want to see more people as a traveler rather than a tourist
Women who wish to move temporarily or permanently to a different country
Women who want to escape the race of rats and experience different cultures
Empty nesters who want to get started for a change
Moms who want to travel with their children
Women entrepreneurs who want the lifestyle of the laptop
Married women who want to take time to recover their identity
Women who want to be inspired and see the potential of what is possible
Entrepreneurs seeking to create passive income
Women who want to live their dreams and create a new reality

This retreat is not intended to:

Women who are in the victim's mind and accuse others of being where they are now
Women who are not ready to take action to make changes in their lives


Debra Sofia Magdalene – Master's Path Informed Events

After a cycling around Europe 21 years old, the traveling insect never left Debra. At the age of 50, she gave her children six months notice to flee the nest, sold her home and gave most of her belongings. Debra, now aged 56, has traveled extensively and creates income from a company she can travel to anywhere in the world. Debra has extensive business experience, having left her role as executive director of a business support agency to set up Global Hugs Ltd., her vocational training company. Debra was recently recognized as one of the UK's best Evolutionaries by Source TV for her outreach work as a founder of Mastery Path Enlightening Events and Magdalene Wellness, its essential oil company.

Rachel Gedney – House of Feminine

Rachel's love to foreign places, diverse cultures, outdoor living and warmth, began in her childhood with 7 happy years living in the Persian Gulf. She spent her time making Arab horses, swimming in the hot coral sea and making friends with people all over the world. Still in her mind was the desire to replicate this lifestyle for herself and her adult son, an internationally evolving online business ~ House of Feminine ~ made this dream a reality as Rachel made plans, taking The personal and professional measures necessary to move to Andalucian Spain early 2018, documenting the stages for its followers of this incredible adventure.

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