ETRR#22 – Your 3 Steps To Escape The Rat Race in 2017 (10 min preview)


ETRR#22 - Your 3 Steps To Escape The Rat Race in 2017 (10 min preview)

escape the rat race

Christian Rodwell, Founder of ETRR, kicks off the first ETRR Meetup event of 2017 with a special presentation to help anybody who is currently working in a full time job and who wants to ‘sack their boss’ and start their own business doing something they love.

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‘Escape The Rat Race…within 12 months’ is a personal business development company that shows people how to take control of their destiny and create a life with more freedom.

We have many programmes and free content on our website you help you discover your purpose, passion and best suited business opportunities to generate additional income and….Sack Your Boss!

Our networking meetings are held in London on the first Wednesday of every month and feature world renowned guest speakers sharing their own stories of success. The event is hosted and arranged by Christian Rodwell.

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