FiverrScript Module ,Fiverrscript Module


FiverrScript Module ,Fiverrscript Module

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FiverrScript Version 5.3 Released
Buyer PayPal Transactional E-Mail for Fiverr Script Sites
Admin E-Mail Templates Settings Module for FiverrScript Sites
PayPal Sandbox Settings Modification for FiverrScript Sites
SMTP E-Mail Settings Modification for Fiverr Clone Sites
Editable Languages Modification for Fiverr Script Sites
Rotate Gig Image Mod for FiverrScript Sites
Time Based Greeting Mod for FiverrScript Sites
Twitter Streaming with OAUTH Integration for FiverrScript based Sites
Ajax / Modal Contact Form
Newsletter Template With Grid Columns for Fiverr Script Sites
Member Account Verification Module
Apple Type Email Template
Category Based Weekly Micro Jobs Newsletter Module
Mass Newsletter / Announcement Module in Batches
Email Alert to Admin Module
Members Auto Country Identification Module
Late Order Delivery Email Alert + Refund to Buyer Module
Comments System Module
Admin To Do List Module
Visitor Notification Module
Micro Job Site Testimonial Module for FiverrScript Sites
Facebook Login Users’ Username Module for FiverrScript Sites
Gig View Page Modification
Password Strength Meter & Random Password Generator Module
Create Unlimited Static Pages Module for FiverrScript Sites
Display Category with Sub-category on Home, Search, Tags, Category Pages
Auto Feedback Module for Unposted Feedback in Completed Order
Emoticons / Smileys Module for Micro Job Sites
Approve / Reject Gigs From Email Module for Fiverr Script Sites
Updated Module for Mass Delete Approve Suspend Jobs from Admin Panel
Add Funds Module
Seller Affiliate Program Module for FiverrScript Sites
Updated Users Online Mod
Funds to Pay After Gateway Fee Deducted Module
Download & Email PDF Invoice to Buyers Module for FiverrScript Sites
FiverrScript Module Just as Fiverr Directory
Advanced Seller’s Minimum Withdrawal Amount Restriction for FiverrScript Sites
Buyer’s Tips / Bonus Contribution Module for Delivered Orders
Fiverr Like Recommend Gig Module on Order Delivered Page to the Buyer
Filter By Country Module for Fiverr Script Based Sites
Fiverr Like Side Panel Module Showing Home, Recent and Featured
Q&A Forum Integration for your Fiverr Script based sites
Seller’s Revenue Status Module for Fiverr Script Based Sites
Admin Editing Username & Email Safely for Fiverr Script Sites — Free Module
Super History Module for Cleared Payments and Withdrawal Payment
Banner Advertisements Rotator Module
Meta Tags Module for FiverrScript Based Sites
Admin Filters for Manage Payments, Manage Orders and Manage Gigs Pages for FiverrScript Sites
Jquery Share Button on Home, Search, Category and Tags Pages
Send Weekly Newsletter in Batches Module for FiverrScript Sites
Enhanced Job Information Module for FiverrScript Sites
Top Rated Sellers and Buyers Sidebar Widget for FiverrScript Sites
Advanced Wants Module with Bid System for FiverrScript Sites
Weekly Gigs Mail Announcement Module for FiverrScript Sites
Append “Read More” Link to Copied Content — Free Mod for FiverrScript Sites
Advanced Conversation Email Alert Module for FiverrScript Sites
Log out Banned User Module for FiverrScript Sites
Scroll Back to Top Module
Auto Suspend Gigs When User is Inactive Module for FiverrScript Site
Advanced Approve / Reject PM Messages Module for FiverrScript Site
Display Alexa Rank and Google Page Rank on FiverrScript Sites
News Shout Box Module for FiverrScript Sites
Advanced Seller Feedback Module for FiverrScript Sites
Top Rated Buyer Badge for FiverrScript Sites
Admin Panel Top Menu Notifier Module for FiverrScript Sites
Random Featured Gigs Module for FiverrScript Sites
Manual & Auto Featured Gigs Email Reminders for FiverrScript Sites