Get More Views, Leads And Sales From Your YouTube Videos


Get More Views, Leads And Sales From Your YouTube Videos

Hi, Jon Penberthy here.

In this video I am going to show you how to get more traffic to your YouTube videos, and turn those visitors into leads and sales.

I regularly see one big mistake when people try to get traffic from to their YouTube videos, and get those visitors to go to their website. (This could be you!)

You wake up in the morning feeling inspired about a particular topic, and record yourself talking to camera on the topic, perhaps with a call to action at the end. Then you plug the camera into the computer, and upload your video to YouTube. Then you brainstorm… what shall I call this video?

The problem with this is that you are using pure guesswork to try and work out what people might type in the search box to find your video. But you don’t know that anyone is actually searching for this.

Youtube is home to millions and millions of videos. So when you upload your video it is buried amongst millions of other videos. The only way people will find your YouTube video is if you FIRST figure out what people are actually searching for, and THEN shoot your video about that topic.

There are loads of ways to find what keywords people are searching for. Whether you use Google’s free Keyword Planner, download keyword research software, or search YouTube for a guide on how to find good keywords.

Finding keywords is not hard. So FIRST you need to do some keyword research, and find a keyword.

Imagine you are in the weight-loss market. You have found the keyword ‘how to lose weight in my belly’. Now you know that there are people searching for ‘how to lose weight in my belly’. Now instead of randomly brainstorming what to shoot a video on that day, you will shoot a video specifically talking to people about how to lose weight in their belly.

Then when you upload this video onto YouTube, the title of the video will be ‘how to lose weight in my belly’, and the tags will match.

There is a two-fold benefit to doing it like this.

1) People will actually see your video. The chances of you ranking for that particular keyword will increase, because you have targeted your whole video around that keyword

2) You are going to get more visitors to actually come over to your website and convert to leads and sales, because you hit on the specific need that person is searching for.

This could well be one of the reasons why your YouTube videos are not generating the traffic, leads and sales that you are looking for.

STOP filming videos on a random topic you have brainstormed, uploading them to YouTube with a title that you GUESS people are searching for.

START doing keyword research, targeting a specific key phrase and shooting the whole video around that pain-point.

So if your video targets the keyword ‘how to lose weight in my belly’, the whole video is aimed around talking to the person with that problem.

If you video is ‘how to make more money in your network marketing business’ then the whole focus of the video is for that exact pain-point.
You will rank higher in the search results, and in turn get more traffic. When that traffic lands on your videos, it will convert a lot better into leads and sales because you hit the specific need they have.

I hope that was helpful, and you can apply that to your YouTube marketing and video marketing.

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