Google AdWords Tutorial March 2016! How to Make Google Search Ads and do YouTube Video Advertising!


Google AdWords Tutorial March 2016! How to Make Google Search Ads and do YouTube Video Advertising!

If you want to about Google Adwords, you will love this video! Watch to get a complete free tutorial on how I use Google search ads and YouTube video advertising to sell my courses online. Take the complete course at and continue learning with me forever for one price at

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What does this video have for you about Google AdWords? Click the time points below to view each section.

0:01 What is Google AdWords good for, why learn it, how to get certified for free, and what have I done with Google AdWords? Learn from my mistakes as I take you from a time where I was nearly bankrupt, to using AdWords which has helped me earn over $500,000 on Udemy!
05:54 Google search, display, video, and shopping campaigns are the different ads you can run through Google AdWords. Get the fundamentals of Google AdWords in this part of the video.
07:45 I use display ads to advertise to my existing audience using remarketing campaigns.
08:05 Video campaigns are great for minutes watched on YouTube and placement in organic search.
09:53 Conversion tracking is absolutely essential with any CPC ads online.
11:00 How to start tracking conversions and sales in Google AdWords.
16:00 What does no recent conversions, recording conversions, unverified, and tag inactive mean when conversion tracking?
19:12 Let’s create our first PPC search campaign!
31:05 What should I set my Google AdWords budget at?
35:04 What are ad extensions in Google AdWords?
44:15 Watching as I setup my keywords in this Google AdWords training!
45:45 Creating the actual search network text ad in Google AdWords.
48:00 Guide showing how to copy ads from an older Google AdWords campaign.
52:00 How to make changes to all of your ads at once (mass edit).
54:50 Creating false information in an ad is a policy violation, and the easiest way to get you AdWords account suspended.
1:03:20 How long does it take Google to approve your ads?
1:08:20 How to avoid getting your AdWords account suspended.
1:10:20 Let’s turn our national campaign into a global campaign, and take a look at the analytics.
1:25:40 Ranking videos on YouTube with Google AdWords for video also known as YouTube advertising.
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This complete Google AdWords tutorial was created March 2016 by Jerry Banfield. My hope is that these are the best new Google AdWords lessons you can find!

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