How I QUIT My Job – Shout Out To Malan Darras

Years in the making before I quit my beloved but stressful, time-consuming, personally draining 10 year job. Worked hard, lots of sacrifices in attaining the level where I was at in my career.
So it was totally scary… to QUIT. Needed also to think about other people dependent on me… and other responsibilities.
Good thing, me and wifey are aligned with our goals… very important for couples!
So, I finally had the courage to quit after having three (3) “signs” or confirmation that we need to do this.
One confirmation is after seeing this video from Malan Darras last year. Someone in this earth had done it. And from what he said, we are on the right track.

In A Nutshell
1. Set goals…
2. Save money (downsize)…
3. Learn/work hard on your business no holidays no weekends, less sleep.
4. Start your business WHILE still on your day job
5. Do a trial run (I had a 5 months sabbatical leave)
6. QUIT… exit with grace.
So where are we at?
Graph Oplan Highway 54
Still too early to say… still in-progress. Need to scale up. Still have the risk of going back to a corporate job? Maybe…
But will never be discouraged in attaining FREEDOM to do the things that are really important in life. With God’s help.