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Today I will tell you about the money that small YouTubers actually do. I decided to make this video to show you my first paycheck. How much money do I make on youtube? As a YouTuber, I always have assumptions that I earn a lot of money when in fact this is not the case. Im still a small YouTuber and this is only until recently that I received my first YouTuber payment voucher. I will also tell you how to grow your Youtube channel and how to earn money with Adsense and how does Adsense work? Monetization is something that the majority of Users use to earn an income and earn money. People now think youtube is dying, but I believe if you work hard, you can still survive in youtuber. As youtube is so saturated now, it could be more difficult to succeed. But I will speak in more detail in this video. If there are other topics you would like me to cover, let me know! 🙂

When did you get your first Paycheck ???

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