How Much Youtube Pays Per View – How Much Do Youtubers Make ?


how much money do youtubers really make

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Today we talk about how much Youtube Country Per View?
Let me disclose that youtube does not pay the number of views it pays for the number of clicks and views on adsense
ads. The ad wins on Youtube depend on the views from which country and the ad clicks originate from which country.

So, there is no data as to the amount of youtubepays per view since they pay according to the ads.

Many people keep asking how many are your customers?
Seeing friends, the bigger the youtube channel, the more it is possible to earn more because more subscribers are more likely to get a lot
Views and a higher number of chances of viewing views on the video, which will increase the standby time of the video and will do
Helps classify youtube video above.

Approximately 100,000 subscribers earn about $ 2,000 per month
200,000 subscribers earn about $ 3,000 to $ 5,000 per month
Subscribers 300000-500000 earn about $ 5,000 to $ 10,000 per month
1000000 subscribers or more earnings can not be calculated 🙂
You must have seen this question asked each youtuber, what is the amount of youtube that respects them?
How much do you do, can I reply that our revenues depend solely on ad clicks that they are not
Depending on the views plus clicks of unique users' ads will be more winnings.
There are many youtubers who live a great life with the money they earn from youtube. You can search on youtube itself to earn money.

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Video credits to Money Guru YouTube channel