How to create profitable online courses on Udemy


How to create profitable online courses on Udemy

What I show in this video for teaching on Udemy was so effective I got banned after making $600,000! Take the full course for $9 at Watch 180+ more free tutorial videos with me at

Would you like to make a living teaching others online? Do you have a technical skill or a subject you are passionate about? You can make money teaching others online through Udemy. In this video I will show you step by step everything I have done to reach nearly $30,000 per month on Udemy. You may ask how can I possibly make this much money teaching online? The answer, there is a huge demand for good instructors on Udemy. Udemy has a student population of over 7 million and growing with only 16,000 instructors. That is over 400 students per teacher! Once I started focusing all of my attention on Udemy and creating high quality courses, I noticed a massive growth in earnings. If you want to earn a living online, Udemy is a great place to get started!

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