How to Live Your Dream I Hate My Job! | Motivation | Borderline | Borderhammer


How to Live Your Dream I Hate My Job! | Motivation |  Borderline | Borderhammer

Is 30 too late for a career change OR life change? Hell no! You can live your dreams NOW! Just DECIDE and BEGIN! I hope this helps someone out there!


Original letter:

“Hi Rachelle,

I’m probably not the typical subscriber of yours – I’m a 30 year old white male from Missouri. I discovered you from one of your advice videos and I appreciate your candid nature and fun personality!

My question for you is about career changing advice. I don’t know if this is something you have had experience in or had to do at some point in your life but I am really struggling with it. I have been a teacher for the last five years and I got into it for the wrong reasons – mainly job security and it was something to do. I did grow to like it some and I do like kids, but it just wasn’t me. I recently went back to school and completed my Masters in Media Literacy – a degree not in education but education related in case I had to stick with it. My true passion is voice acting. I’m signed with a local talent agency (which was not easy to get into!) yet I don’t get much work here in St. Louis because there isn’t a huge market here. I will never move to a place like LA or NYC to pursue this, so my talent agent suggested moving to Austin, Texas where there are a lot of video game companies who employ voice actors.

I have had a very difficult time finding work down there that would enable me to actually move. I want something steady to begin with (voiceover work is feast or famine) and i’m just not seeing a lot of jobs that I’m qualified for. I fear my detour into education has pigeonholed me and I’ll never get a shot at pursuing my passion because I can’t find a steady job in the city where I might have a chance to. Do you have any tips for changing career paths? I have plenty of good references…I spend nearly all day on, lol. Turning 30 has been a wake up call and I just want to see if I can turn my dream into a career before I get too old. Any advice you might have would be appreciated greatly. If you do end up using this in any sort of video I only ask that you not reveal my real name. Thanks for your time and keep doing your thing! :]”

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