How To Make $100 a Day Online As a Lazy 16-17 Year Old

How to make 100 dollars per day online if you are 16.17 years old or 18 years old. All of these methods work for all ages, but I specifically chose those that I think teenagers can earn money online. All these models are proven models of income generation.

There are several proven ways to earn $ 100 per day online, in this video I cover 5 different methods that you can use to earn online income in the amount of $ 100 per day.

These are the proven ways to do it:

# 1 – Digital freelance

Things like Photoshop and graphic design, video editing, video animation, voice over, programming, scripting, server administration are all good and demanding services in which online entrepreneurs spend a lot of money. Last but not least, writing articles and blogs is another avenue of high demand in which you can earn $ 100 per day online. You can become competent enough in any of these skills in less than 12 months

# 2 – Publication of electronic books on Amazon Kindle.

The electronic book market on Amazon Kindle is huge. I know a 16-year-old boy who earns more than $ 1000 a day online by selling fiction e-books through the Kindle Marketplace. This is another great way for teens to earn money because no one will know their age.

# 3 – Obtain royalties through Stock Photos

Join some of the best archival photo websites and take pictures of demand topics in which people spend money continuously. Things like computers, internet and Internet, health, yoga, etc.

# 4 – YouTube gaming channel

This niche market is HUGE on YouTube. Combine the power of YouTube with Twitch and you can start channeling subscribers directly to your YouTube channel. I predict that this will be an increasingly popular way to create a high-profile YouTube channel.

# 5 – Affiliate Marketing – my favorite.

This is by far my favorite way for teens to earn $ 100 a day online. Simply review your favorite products by writing content and reviewing product videos and publishing them on YouTube and your blog. I do this every day and I get a very solid passive income.

I hope you enjoyed this video, Deadbeat.

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How To Make $100 a Day Online As a Lazy 16-17 Year Old

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