How to Make a Small Business WordPress Website in 25 Minutes


how to setup an online business

Creating a website for a small business can be a confusing prospect for someone who is new to WordPress. In this video, we will show you how to create a small business website in WordPress.

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Summary of this tutorial:

Creating a small business site can feel intimidating for a new user, but with the help of its video it should be fairly simple. For starters, we will need a hosting company for a site to host our site.

We will register you to HostGator using the link below to install and configure our site:

Once the site is installed, you can start configuring your site for your small business. In our video we have installed the Modern Business theme.

We install and activate the plugins recommended for the theme for the theme's functionality.

If you do not have content to add, you can use fictitious data to help you see what your site will look like with content. We put all the authors on us and for the file that you can get:

You can devote as much time as you want to customize the appearance of your site and, once it is ready, we still have a step. We recommend that you install SEO by Yoast to help you rank in the search engines of your site.

Video credits to WPBeginner – WordPress Tutorials YouTube channel