How to make money in China besides Teaching English


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Your first months are always the most difficult in any new city. This is the same when you move to a new country. The first few months are when you start to recover the money you have spent in the moving process and, about the third month in China, you start to break up. A great way to supplement your income while you are in China is doing vocal work. You just go to a desk and speak in a recorder. You can even do it at home if you have an iPhone 5 or better, I can guide you through the process. Each opportunity pays a different amount ranging from $ 10 USD per hour – $ 50 USD per hour. And the best part, they not only need American voices, they need voices and languages ​​from around the world. Teaching English in China is full of unexpected benefits. You do not even have to be in China to make money by doing this, I can help you set it up in your country of origin!

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