how to make money online easily


how to make money online easily

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Are you Trying to make money online, here are few ways to get you started.
Can you design a logo, do a testimonial video, may be master a audio for someone or simply proof read someone’s blog or article, fiverr is a place where you can advertise a service you will do for five dollars and more and then people who need such service can hire you.
And the great thing about fiverr is, your customers pay to fiverr before you deliver the service and the fiverr pays you after you deliver the service so that, that way no one cheats the other, the client or you the service provider.
2. Udemy
Just get a mic, a screen recorder or camera and make a course to sell on udemy and start making recurring income now, I can asure you if you have a skill, there is someone out their who wants to learn it and willing to pay for it, so what are you waiting for start selling courses on udemy now.

3. Youtube;
What do you do on youtube, watch videos or make videos, which ever you do you can make money off it, and yes I mean you can make money not only by making videos but also watching them, there are sites that will pay you for watching videos online and their pay is quite good considering you just sit and watch, just search on google and a few will pop up.

4. Envato market
So can you design templates, website templates, business cards, brocures and more or are you good at taking stock photography, envato market is a great place for you to start making money now. Check them out.

5. Turbo squid, cgtrader;
How good are you in 3d modeling, how many models do you have stored on your had drive just fill your space, get all of them and start making money off selling them on sites like cgtrader or turbosquid.

6. Facebook
It takes up a lot of your time, how about you recover some of that time by making money while you enjoy all the other benefits of facebook, their many ways to make money on facebook, here is one that is most straight forward, facebook apps, make apps upload them on facebook and you can put your affiliate banners in the app, or charge people for upgrades and in app purchases. How great is that.

So what are you waiting for, like the video subscribe and head to all those sites and start making money now, thank you and stay awesome.