I Quit My Job To Travel The World


I QUIT! I quit my job to travel the world 🙂

A little pretentious, I know but I wanted to try something new.

In 2016, I put a new year's resolution to do only things that I appreciate. With this in mind, I quit my job, resigned as a company manager for the company I had studied at my unit and spent three years difficult to build.

At the time when I had a lot of debts, I could not travel, so I took a loan and I bought a camera and a ticket for Thailand. I still pay the loan, but if I did not take that risk, I would not have been in Thailand, we would not have started this channel and I would not have had the camera. I sold the camera once we were back in the UK to cover the loan and we are now working on our next trip.

This might be a bit scary, but hopefully this video will inspire other people to take the risk of following their dreams, getting out of their comfort zones and exploring the world!

♡ Thank you for being past and we hope you enjoyed our video ♡

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I left my job to travel the world:)

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