I Quit My Teaching Job Today


. It has been working for a long time. I just pulled the plug.

I think formal and superior education is in a very strange place now. It is still relevant at the moment, but it must begin to change with the times. It is extremely expensive and college should offer something that you simply can not find online.

To be clear, with the right program and good teachers, you get personal attention, projects, criticism and experience that always offer the value of formal education. In my situation, I was strangely chairman of the Advisory Council on Education for Programs, but I had only received online courses to teach. The system in place in this particular school had nothing to offer online. It was just a way to keep students from going elsewhere as far as I could see.

I am not willing to sit down and get bored in a system that will not progress, that is why I leave.

I will focus my time on creating images and continuing my online videos for the moment. I have a great love for teaching and I will eventually find a way to do it in an ability that I believe more.

Video credits to The Art of Photography YouTube channel