I really hate my job and need help. Should I quit my job?


If you think I really hate my job and I need help. Should I leave my job? Get business support for my apps

In this video, I address a very common experience that people have, and it is that they really hate their work and need help to take the initiative To leave their jobs. I understand that. I hated many of my own jobs in the past. And every day, when I went to these jobs, I was wondering if I should leave my job or better when I should quit my job.

Many people email me and tell me that they hate their work a lot and ask them if they should quit their job. This is a difficult situation to help because I am trying to tell people what they should do with their work. I do not know their situation.

So if you tell me "I hate my job. Should I quit my job?" I can not handle it. What I can help you with is if you decide to quit your job, then do it and do it effectively.

First, get the basics out of the way. 90% of people who say I hate my job never do anything about it. I can not help these people. The people I can help are those who hate their work quite badly or who have decided to do something about their situation.

I do not recommend leaving your job right away. Instead, I recommend determining what you want to do instead of working at that job, and how to do it for you. Although I give a lot of advice to start a business, it usually takes a long time for the business to support you financially. So leaving your job to start a business is very risky because you do not know how long it will take before your business supports you financially.

So it is up to you to determine what type of work or business you will do next, and start working while you still have your work that you hate. This will result in the transition of the work you hate more easily and, as your business grows, you may eventually quit your job.

The easiest type of business to start is a blog. It is not easy to get rich with a blog but it is definitely simple to start a blog today and start exploring it as a source of income.

Here is a tutorial on how to set up your website or blog at a lower cost and professionally:

If you really hate your job and need help, and you are thinking about quitting your job, the more you can stay at this position before you leave, the more you can devote yourself to growing your business. I know it seems contradictory. And if you really hate your job with passion, it's likely that it's a good idea to leave. But if you can stay longer, you can buy some time to develop your business so that after you leave your job, you do not get stressed about money. This way, the transition from the moment you quit your job the moment you start your business is smoother.

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