I’m Quitting My Job: Leaving to Travel & Find Purpose


"It does not matter how much time you spend on earth, how much money have you accumulated or what attention you have received.This is the amount of positive vibrations you have Radiated into life that counts, "- Amit Ray

I leave Central America middle class to travel and find a goal.

It will not be rainbows and butterflies, so I plan that my videos give an honest representation of my trip.

Before this decision to travel, I browsed the Web for a relatable resource. Where is the city-dwelling, business slavery, college education, socially conscious, 24-year-old supermarket that can show me the way? The way to travel, to find a goal, and to do what I am passionate about, without committing financial, professional and social suicide?

Simultaneously, I came across the obvious revelation that the younger you are, the more malleable you are, and the sooner you die in your best self, the more time you will spend. When this realization was produced, I decided to take this trip and create my own way to share.

Video credits to Life by Art YouTube channel