Make Huge CLICKBANK COMISSIONS Using Press Releases – Generate Traffic


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Make Large CLICKBANK CLICKS Using Press Releases – Generate Traffic

Do you plan to use the "ClickBank" website to earn money online? If so, then good! ClickBank is a great way to start earning money quickly and easily (if you know what you are doing) and create long term sustainable income that can last you for the rest of your life.

Now it sounds easy, but it 's really a difficult task. They say that 95% of all new online businesses fail each year. If I had to put my finger on it, I would say that 98% of all new online businesses fail each year. It is really hard to survive online … and one of the main reasons why this is true is that most beginners have no idea how to market their website online!

Well, I want to help you. If you are determined to register as a ClickBank affiliate and try to earn money online, this lesson should serve you well. I want to share with you some proven techniques that you can use to drive traffic to your site and convert your visitors into affiliate revenue. Here is the first tip:

1) Learn traffic generation

To be honest with you, there are all sorts of ways to get traffic to your site. Let's start with a free marketing. There are: ebook marketing, article marketing, search engine optimization, video marketing, press releases, social marketing, e-mail marketing, blog marketing, tele-seminar forums, etc. There are a ton of free marketing strategies to allow you to make traffic immediately.

On the paid advertising spectrum, you also have plenty of options. You have: high traffic website advertising, blog advertising, advertising, pay per click advertising, offline advertising and more. So the traffic is there and waiting. The question is … will he take action and go and conquer this traffic for yourself? Here's another tip for success with ClickBank:

2) Have a good sales funnel in place

If you are trying to simply direct people to your affiliate link, without any type or marketing, brand, "pre-sale" or other forms of free information … your conversion rates will be close to 0%. I mean it will be incredibly low. It is in your interest to create a sales funnel that will roll through its prospects gradually through a structured process that will end up a sale.

Another thing you need to look at is that depending on the price of the affiliate product you are promoting, a direct link to the sales page can extinguish a lot of potential buyers. If you sell something for $ 7 …, it is in your best interest to drive them to the sales page. If you sell something for $ 67 …, ask them to sign up for your free newsletter and prove your worth.

Give them great tips and information that can help them, and possibly some of your subscribers to the newsletter by e-mail will buy you. And if the commission rate on the product of $ 67 is 50% … then that's a cool $ 33.50 you've earned. It 's not hard, you have to organize it.

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