Managing Online Business Review Sites

There are so many review sites for companies that you can confuse them as to which ones your company should include. It can also be a challenge to know how to handle all those revisions.

If you have spent some time looking at Google Reviews or Yelp, know that they can help you do business or if the owner is not paying attention, they could hurt a business.

In this video we have Michelle Hoglan, of Top Hat Creative Marketing LLC, talking about dating sites and how to manage them for your business (or the business of your clients).

Timestamps –

0:40 Why are online business evaluations important?

Michelle refers to a Bright Local statistic that 92% of local consumers read reviews online.
Reference link –

1:18 In which review sites should your company appear?

Be aware of the review sites that are for certain types of businesses, such as travel, dental services, doctors …

3:16 How could it affect your business if you are not using dating sites / comments?

How can Google's star rating affect your business?

4:11 What is the difference between a business list and a list of review sites?

How many different online business ad sites are there?

Does it have to be sent to all the sites on the business list yourself?

5:50 How can a company use the review and sites of a list to their advantage and attract more customers?

6:59 What review sites should a company start with configuration?

Is there a review site that is essential for your local business?

How do you start to get people to review your business?

8:10 How should a company handle negative reviews online?

9:08 How does a company manage so many review sites?

Do people notice if all their reviews are older?

Tip # 1: Google Yourself (or your business).

Use Google Alerts to see the mentions of your business.

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Video credits to ReachConnectUpliftWomen YouTube channel

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    Managing Online Business Review Sites

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