New Nurse? How to Ace the NURSE INTERVIEW!!!
Hello to my new nurses … and maybe to the more experienced ones who are preparing for your NURSING INTERVIEW!
In my career spanning half a decade, I've been interviewed and interviewed!
And certainly I can give you some tips to interview the nurse 🙂
First, being prepared for the nursing interview is the key … but how do you prepare?
The first thing to do is to feel comfortable talking about yourself. Which is harder than it looks, especially with a strange face looking at you.
However, if you know this in advance, you can prepare a monologe that shows that you have confidence and will be a competent nurse.
the nurse interview questions are often very difficult, with tons of open questions and also questions that make you talk about your weaknesses. You must be honest here, talking about your faults sounds like you're saying that you're weak … but you have to focus on the valuable injury learned and how you will improve in the future !!
Nursing interview, I think you'll literally bomb if you do not prepare at least one way or another …
Watch the video and give you several examples of how you can prepare for your interview with the nurse!
Also, keep in mind that practice makes perfect … it is a good idea to apply yourself as crazy to every job you are offered, as your first nursing interview can be more of a learning experience!
I shared this information and more in my latest book titled: New Nurse? How to get, keep and LOVE your first nursing job. It is available on and you can see the following link 🙂
I love you guys!
You can email me anytime at
Here is the link for the book:

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    New Nurse? How to Ace the NURSE INTERVIEW!!!

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