Online TOEFL Course Comments to M: Feedback on your integrated writing practice test


Online TOEFL Course Comments to M: Feedback on your integrated writing practice test

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The reading passage talks about the negative results for homeschooling students, but the listening passage mentions homeschooling is a positive alternative choice for students to learn academically.

The first negative result for homeschooling students, according to the reading passage, is the deprivation of much needed social interaction. However, the listening passage opposes that idea by explaining that a lot of top-paying jobs, such as accounting, do not require social skills. In fact, acquired and practiced skills are not the same for all students. If one feels shy by his surroundings and therefore he is not able to study comfortably, homeschooling gives him a relaxed and secured environment.

Secondly, the reading passage assumes that irresponsible parents lead their children toward negative academic results. That parents lack the credentials and the time to teach their children causes students to learn ineffectively. Conversely, the listening passage states that the variety of social networks, extra activities, and online access to credentialed teachers can help homeschoolers achieve their academic studies. For example, technology allows them to have access to the students’ work and in reverse, students can receive qualified or credentialed teachers’ guidance through computers and easily make copies of textbooks and important papers for themselves.

Finally, the reading passage indicates that homeschooling prevents students from being punctual and responsible. In contrast, the listening passage shows that homeschoolers are more self-reliant and independent, which helps them a lot for later careers. They can answer questions on their on without any help, they have no parents to push them to go to college because they can do it independently, and they can successfully go through academic issues by themselves. Based on things and opportunities they work independently, they gain the responsibility for themselves and therefore, they will have more chances to be successful.