Reviving My ClickBank Affiliate Income



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Follow me, starting today I decided to write down my daily activities in making money online.

Let me start this journal by saying that I’m reviving my affiliate income on Clickbank.

I’m reviewing one product that I promoted through YouTube that earns around $120 per sale four years ago.

clickbank plus youtube is money

There are several videos I created in YouTube for this product, and one particular video is ranking high on one keyword.

Why You Need To Let Go A Domain

Too bad the link I put in that YouTube video is already dead because I let the domain expired. It is not ranking anymore in Google, blacklisted or something so I scrapped it. Maybe because of bad links I got when I started or Google really hates sites with affiliate.

In any case, I have still have one domain on that niche so I did a fresh install of WordPress. Plan to use this new domain to promote that product. And implement some new strategies. Need to change all the links though.

Warning! Choosing The Right Product/Vendor to Promote!

But before that, I’m reviewing the vendor of that product if it is not robbing me of my commission!

Here’s a good guide in determining if a product/vendor is good to promote. Although this guide has poor English, you can still understand the message.

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I’m currently earning passive income, although small, I’ve just started to really focus on this this December.

Next post maybe I’ll tell you guys how and why I quit my day job to focus on making money online!

See ya!