Shocking: News Anchor Quit Her Job Live On Air 09/22/14

KTVA Charlo Greene Reporter retires live on TV
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Alaska reporter retires from live television after a segment about the medical marijuana club she runs
Viewers of the KTVA newscast on Sunday night learned all about the Alaska Cannabis Club, a medical marijuana group. And then, they learned something else: the reporter who presented the story to the spectators of the station is also the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club.

Charlo Greene then left his television work on live television after vowing to devote "all my energy to the fight for freedom and fairness, which begins with the legalization of marijuana here in Alaska."

She added: "And as for this work, well, it's not that I have another option, but [expletive] I left it."

You can watch the full video, which contains Greene's explicit approval, here.

Although Greene told the Alaska Dispatch News that his (former) employers had no idea he was going to quit smoking in the air, or that he ran the club he reported, the Facebook page of the Alaska Cannibis Club encouraged his followers to tune in the broadcast of Sunday.

"I wanted to draw attention to this issue, and the problem is medical marijuana," Greene told Dispatch News after the broadcast. "If I offended someone, I apologize, but I do not regret the choice I made."

Although it seems a little redundant to fire an employee who has already resigned, KTVA, a CBS affiliate, wanted to make it clear that he did not condone Greene's unexpected comments on Sunday. Especially the curse.

Reporter closes Live on Air
Reporter, come out of f * ck I left it
KTVA Charlo Greene
and as for this job, it's not like I have another option, but I left it to hell
legalizing marijuana

Video credits to Yam Star YouTube channel

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    Shocking: News Anchor Quit Her Job Live On Air 09/22/14

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