Simple Way To Make Money With Fiverr TODAY! | Think like a BOSS NOT an Employee


Simple Way To Make Money With Fiverr TODAY! | Think like a BOSS NOT an Employee


1. Aikido techniques consist of entering and turning movements that redirect the momentum of an opponent’s attack, and a throw or joint lock that terminates the technique.

2. Service is the simple easy path to the quick money.

3. So you will be using the momentum of peoples pre-existing needs for simple tasks and services to make quick money. In other words you don’t need to convince someone to buy a shovel. The people who need a shovel already know it.

4. For this tactic lets target simple articles. On fiverr you can charge people 5 bucks for a 300 word article.

5. You can then go over to and have these articles written for 2 dollars. You will make a 2 dollar profit on this.

6. GIG EXTRAS for more words and that is where you start to see real profit. At every step up fiverr is more and more expensive while iwriter is cheaper. (example – a 500 word article on iwriter is going to cost you 3 bucks. On fiverr you can upsell the extra 200 words for an extra 5 bucks. So thats 10 you made and 3 you paid.

7. Gain seller advantage over your competition on fiverr buy creating a youtube channel, positioning yourself as a small article writing company and doing several videos talking about your fiverr gigs. You then put links to your gigs in the description.

8. Increase your effectiveness AND reach with another similar strategy that Art Flair talks about in his Insane 5rr Profits strategy.

9. Email me at [email protected] and let me know how it’s going. I have the strategy myself and I know all about it. Let’s compare notes!