Success Story of Navy Seal David Goggins and Jocko Willink| Best Motivation Video

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Success story of David Goggins and Jocko Willink | The best motivation

In this video you will learn the success story of David Goggins and Jocko Wilinks and how they became super successful in their career. The road to success is always difficult and being successful when coming from a difficult environment is always difficult and painful.

David Goggins was born and grew up in a very difficult environment. He was bullied at school and had a very hard childhood. As he grew up, he decided to become a naval seal to harden himself so he can be a man he can be proud of.

He joined Navy Seal and crossed the infernal week 3 times. He did not stop there. He went further to win an ultra marathon more than once. His success story is really inspiring.

Jocko Willink is also another Navy Seal nwho commanded in the war. John "Jocko" Willink is an American podcaster, author, martial artist and has retired from the United States Navy SEAL. He received the Silver Star and the Bronze Star for his service in the Iraq War. Willink was Bruiser's commander of the THIRD Team Task Force during the Battle of Ramadi. Other notable members of Task Unit Bruiser included Leif Babin, Ryan Job, JP Dinnell, Marc Alan Lee, Michael Monsoor, Kevin Lacz and Chris Kyle.

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David Goggins is a Navy SEAL and former member of the USAF Tactical Air Control Party that served in Iraq and Afghanistan and is an ultra-marathon runner, ultra long distance rider and triathlete.

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    Success Story of Navy Seal David Goggins and Jocko Willink| Best Motivation Video

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