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how to start a social media marketing business

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Let me break down exactly what you get in the Tai social media marketing agency.


After you get the Tai program, you will immediately have access to a training that will help you discover:

* How to get your first customer $ 1,000 / month within 4 months (some can reach that milestone earlier)

* The good and the best way to use free videos to help any small business become a highly engaged audience of followers on social networks

* How to automate your social media marketing, so that you can put your business into echelons and earn more money without adding time to working

* How to setup a new social media marketing agency, even if you have never started a business before (they will provide you with forms, links to legal documents, contracts and practical instructions).

* How to configure multiple types of packages for your customers, so that you can offer high-end (ie, highly lucrative) services to certain customers

* How to choose a name for your business, buy a domain and set up a simple website to get customers (plus: how to set up a generic LLC that you can use to change your business name over time)

* The best equipment to use for social network marketing (although all you need is literally a phone with a camera, I will show you what to buy when you want to upgrade your equipment)

* Why naming your new social media company using your own name is a mistake (and what kind of name you should choose)

* How to make businesses interesting, even if they are a morgue (hint: this involves telling interesting stories about social media that attract followers and bring them back to learn more)

* How to set up e-mail marketing agreements for small businesses so that they can collect prospects and monetize them over time (when you do this, you will build a long-term asset for a company that is growing depending on the duration)

* How to talk to business owners, use a language they respond to and negotiate win-win agreements

* What types of business niches will most likely pay you the most money (this will be especially useful if you have trouble choosing a niche)

* How to configure automation that manages your social media agency as hands free as possible so that you can travel the world, earn money and have fun

* How to find customers, convince them to pay you and provide a valuable service that offers a good return so you can create a stable cash flow, which pays you thousands of dollars each month

* The best way to track your marketing on social networks, so you can base your rate on the money that has already been generated for the company (knowing how to do it is vital for setting up price agreements)

* The exact business model that I would use if I started again (I am asked this question all the time, this new program has everything that everyone needs to start even if it is new in social networks …)

All of the above, and much more, can be yours just by watching the video on the next page and following the step by step instructions.

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