Tallagandra Hill Winery V1


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Established in 1997 by a "farmer" who moved to Sydney to try to escape the race of metropolitan rats, Tallagandra Hill became a jewel in the crown of the Canberra wine region.

The 38 acre undulating land use currently houses 12,000 vineyards producing in 12.5 acres exposed to the north. Together with a modern cellar door (often regarded as one of the best in the area and known for their incredibly profitable wines), as well as a huge wine storage facility (which gives insight into the potential High growth), this is the ideal opportunity for those who want to walk directly and start making wine, with a minimum of maintenance given that both have been built in recent years.

The quality of the property is immediately evident with the four bedroom home (ideally located to avoid the prevailing winds). This is reinforced by the beautifully planted border line, a major irrigation center with water supply to the dam and bore, as well as amazing views of the neighborhood. Launch a successful wine business, and you have one of the most outstanding opportunities to hit the market in Canberra and surrounds it for a while.

The vineyard business was designed to meet the requirements of the owner – a shop operation that consists exclusively in retail, the door of the winery open only on weekends. The current owners have been extremely aware of maintaining the integrity of the brand and excessive production. As a result, they have lower stock levels than others in the region, and consistent and positive transactions can be demonstrated for 10 years. There is however potential sorting production according to the current infrastructure, if the new owners want the activity to be more difficult in the wholesale markets.

The property would be suitable for a tree changer, eager to walk directly into an established winery producing business without having to spend 10 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars become established. This would also suit a domestic producer seeking to add a Canberra footprint to his vineyard portfolio, or to those looking for the best of both worlds – being an easy trip to Canberra, backed by an opportunity to generate income from the winery, Which could be managed by contract work (which is readily available in the area if you do not want to get your hands dirty).

The property is sold as an operating business, and the sale includes land, improvements, facilities, equipment, stocks and vineyard companies Tallagandra Hill. This also includes trademarks, a quality website, a cellar club and membership to all the surrounding wine associations.

For more information and to obtain a copy of the full Memorandum of Information, contact Ben today.

Video credits to Ray White Belconnen YouTube channel