The 7 Steps To Starting an Online Business in 2018

The 7 steps to start an online business in 2018

1) Learn how to make Facebook ads, go to do this
2) Step 2, practice your skills, create a FaceBook page about something you like, try and get "I like" it, but make publicity.
3) Create a website with a great name
4) Put the content on the web, user and hire someone to make a great video that shows your skills and how advertising works on Facebook
5) Create a paypal account, this is how people will pay you
6) Choose a niche, do you like food? Go after the commercialization of restaurants, how to go clubbing? Go for the clubs
7) Cold call, cold email, just aggressively chase people, start cheap.

I receive many people who ask me for business ideas or how to start a business in parallel. In this video, I really wanted to clearly design the way I think it should be done. These 7 steps will work if you apply them, starting an online business will not happen overnight, obtaining financial freedom will not happen overnight.

Starting an online business in 2018 was never so easy, you just have to work. You do not have to be like me and travel all over the world, you can simply do this in your spare time for fun, and get extra income online to supplement your daily work.

If you have more questions about starting an online business in 2018, leave them in the comments while I read them all.

I'm waiting to hear from you, guys.

From Canada, currently living in Graz, Austria.

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Video credits to Mitch Parker YouTube channel

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    The 7 Steps To Starting an Online Business in 2018

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