The Tools Behind My Success



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I was asked about the tools I use to tear and build bikes, so here it is! Enjoy!


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Tools J & # 39; uses

Scissor lift:
Wheel support:
Tire change support:
Tire Levers:
Breaker Bar:
Thread Repair Kit:
Fork Seal Cleaner:
On board protectors:
Tire Bead Tool:
Chain Breaker:
Chain press tool:
Cable Luber:
Spoke Key:
Steering stem wrench:
Fork wrench:
Spindle wrench:
Thickness gauge:
Y Handle Tool:
Y handle larger:
Spinner T Handle:
Torque wrench:
Hex Socket Bits:
Circlip pliers:
Safety cable assembly:
Percussion Screwdriver:
Torx Bits:
Crankshaft tool
Body Dispenser:
Steering wheel puller:
Valve spring compressor:
Bearing extractor:
Driver Impact Dewalt:
Exhaust spring extractor:

Chemicals / Oils

Bel-Ray Waterproof Gray:
Kit Maxima Chain Care:
Cutting blend:
Maxima FFT:
Lube cable:
Tire mounting lubricant:
Thread Locker:
Rotella T:
Ice engine:
Lucas Oil Premix:
Aluminum cleaner:

Camera Equipment

Canon 80D:
Flexible tripod:

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Video credits to Cameron Niemela YouTube channel