Thundamentals – Quit Your Job (Official) – So We Can Remember


"Quit Your Job" is Thundamentals 3rd single from his highly acclaimed album "So We Can Remember" Now through Obese Records.

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Producer – Aleksei Vanamous, Gaffer – Ed Renew, Make-up – Tara Kathrada, Art Dept – Kiera Saraikin, Design – Producer – Ciaran Jordan, Director – Adam Callen, DOP – Nima Nabilirad, Focus Puller – Aaron Pajada & Amy Sherington, Editor-in-Chief – Nathan Colquhoun, Grade & FX – Matt Fezz

Co-written by Jake Stone

The Boss – Jake Stone
Kiddichka, Taleeha Biady, Ryan Cleland, Sassy Soupidis, Isabella Kulper, Brooklyn Hayes, Alexei Ashton, Darcey Bowman, Kael Kolodochka,



My B – O – S – S is nothing but S.O.B,

There is nothing other than a S.O.B,

Fuck a J-O-B,

Until I was R.I.P hey yo,


You allow me to leave my work,

But I can not do it anymore, I wrote this song about you,

So when you hear it, I hope you understand,

The whole world knows you're a fool


Yo I could not give a shot,

About my bad profession

Open letter to my boss,

You are really a slob,

Definition of a dog,

Desiring to be gone,

Return with a pack of six seated on the lawn,

But I am not,

Stead, I'm here feeling too much,

Because I do not have any brilliance for my overtime,

Yo, I do not want to do anything for the booty,

You are lucky not to hurry for industrial conflict,

For the moment I am in the back room blowing on a doob,

While you are making faces in your office, you will laugh at muffins by dissecting pubes,

Thinking of who are you,

To tell me what to do?

I want to say it on your face, but I'm afraid of having the boot,

You are annoying as they come,

And I do not care if the toilet needs a scrub,

I am not employed of the month,

Fuck a job I can throw the towel,

The finger to my boss till he throws me




Imagine me a little pipsqueak with a one way ticket to Sydney,

Equipped with a resume,

Super flies with a suit and tie,

Tryna is a big hit,

Note a dark job in the big smoke that locks,

At a cash desk wins money for the rich,

One feels torn,

It was only a pit-stop now, I spend my days with you,

Hey yo I'm not a saint myself,

You have a long way to go, sir,

Go to hell make your house dwell,

By the way, you feel,

Ashtrays and Listerine,

You act like Mr. Bean,

And you'll probably miss the goal,

This is a shame,

You are the reason why I dissent this articulation


Fuck a J-O-B up to my R.I.P hey yo,

Fuck has J-O-B until R.I.P hey yo

Video credits to ObeseRecords YouTube channel