Tony Robbins Your Beliefs Create Your Reality (Tony Robbins Motivation)



Tony Robbins Your Beliefs Create Your Reality (Tony Robbins Motivation)
How many times have you explained what you should do?
I should lose weight.
I should be more confident.
I should earn more money.
I should have a more passionate relationship.

People have an endless list of things that they believe they should do or should follow. And these "shoulds" carry the same weight as a New Year's Resolution – that is, if this happens, it is exciting. But otherwise, it will not be too disappointing because you knew it would not really happen.

But what happens when you decide that something is an absolute "must"? What happens when you cut any other possibility that you succeed? When you decide that you are going to find a way to do something or create the path yourself?

When you increase your standards and you should "become" in "must", you are making an inside change to take control of the quality of your life. Any area that you do not get what you want is because you have not increased your standards.

Take your relationship, for example. This directly reflects your standards. Some people are in a relationship right now, but they are not satisfied because their standard is that they have to be in a relationship, not that they must have passion and passion. Excitement and pure joy and love. Others may not be related because their standard is that they should not be injured.

If you want a real change, you must be willing to do your part. And that begins by asking, honestly, who you are.

Are you a winner? Or are you still a step back? Are you the life of the party? Or are you more reserved?

Answering this question and finding out what your true beliefs pertain to yourself is essential. Because that is your identity. And the fact is that we are forced to follow what we believe to be.

Consider someone who is trying to stop smoking. He said to himself, "I will do my best to quit smoking, but I have always been a smoker." No matter how hard it tries, if his identity is that he is a smoker, This is futile. And the days until it returns again are numbered. Because we act consistently with and eventually become what we believe to be.

Most people, if they look at how they live their lives today, will find that their identifiers are based on a set of standards and a set of beliefs that they created 10, 20 or 30 years. In fact, many of us made decisions when we were children about what to believe, what we are capable of, and who we are as a person, and that became the ceiling Glass that controls us. But you are the same person you were at the time? Are you the same person you were a year ago?

Eventually, most people simply stop trying to cross that glass ceiling. They prevent it from "that 's how it' s in my life", or they say "that 's just what I am". But ironically, when you do this, you are actually refusing what you really are. You live under a false identity based on false beliefs that you have adopted some time in the past.

So how do you define yourself? And when did you start to believe that? How many years have you decided what you could and could not do in your life? Do not you think it's time to raise your standards, turn your "shoulds" into a "must" and give you a new identity?

The strongest strength of the human personality is the need to remain consistent with the way we define ourselves. And you can simply find that by making these changes, you can make lasting changes in your quality of life.

Tony Robbins
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