Top 10 Tips for Starting an Online Business from $0


how to setup an internet business

Watch this video to see the top 10 tips I'd like to have learned before starting my online business! Keep learning with me

10) Ask and answer this question: what would you do for free? Or what would you do if you had enough money? Find the key part of your final goal that you have today!
9) What problems have you solved in order to help you? Large companies start with simple solutions. Look at the companies you buy.
8) Discover your limits and accept them. You will always find ways to earn money. Time and energy are the most limited.
7) Who could be willing to help you in your business? My friends on Xbox helped me start my business.
6) Learn how to create videos on YouTube and Facebook. There is a huge demand for videos with little supply. Competition for blog articles and books is higher.
5) Find a mentor who has what you want. The mentor helps avoid mistakes and see progress. The mentor could already be in your life today!
4) Find someone you trust 100% to provide feedback. Someone with whom will share your ideas. Someone you trust to tell you when an idea is bad.
3) Do everything in public without secrets. Share what you do with your friends and family. Do things that you would not share wasted time.
2) Learn exactly what basic task you like to do. Set a simple goal to do a little every day. Mine teaches and you can say I love it!
1) Concentrate 100% by giving others as much as possible. Avoid focusing on how you will get something. The best rewards are often difficult to plan.

Video credits to Jerry Banfield YouTube channel