Top 5 Ways YouTubers Make Money – Top 5’s And 10’s


how youtubers make money

Here are the 5 best ways in which YouTubers earns money, anyone can do it and it is good to start something smaller than You can try, test and refine.

1. YouTube Adsense / Advertising. This is the easiest to implement, let it run in the background and forget it. You will not see the important return until you are very heavy.

2. Merchandising. This can be accomplished by anyone, no matter the size of the channel, gets a good t-shirt campaign or a hoodie campaign and this can give you a small profit, with teespring being the primary licensed as an associated site.

3. Affiliate Marketing. An easy one that can set up, just go to a website like Sportsbikeshop, Revzilla or Amazon, sign up for the affiliate program, and add the links to get a little bit of Passive income, links to the bottom of "My Gear" are an example of this, you can also use them if you criticize the gear as I do.

4. Sponsored videos. Something you can do when you get bigger, get sponsorship deals, whether from brands or using a website like, where you, as a creator, find a product that you think Be able to benefit your community, send a proposal to the owner / product maker For what type of video you want to do, if they accept, you make the video, and you pay for the show.

5. Patreon. Now, I love Patreon 's idea, it' s a lot of people who give a little money directly to their favorite YouTubers. This can be a good passive income and allows you to create a larger community for your channel, some larger YouTubers make a fairly large salary, but as a small YouTuber, this can be a little boost and much more than this That you will see from Adsense.

And these are the 5 best ways that Youtubers makes money, if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below.

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