Using Fiverr To Get The Job Done


Using Fiverr To Get The Job Done

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Write Emails That People Actually Read!

Email Marketing can be a driving force in lead generation and for quite some time now businesses looking for an affordable method of marketing have turned to email marketing. 

However, the biggest challenge most marketers face is improving the “open and read rate”. There are a lot of creative ways marketers can explore to ensure that emails targeted towards a specific subset of customers are read and in this article we will discuss some of the most common methods.

Develop Catchy Subject Lines – one of the best ways to improve your “open and read Rate” is to develop catchy and creative subject lines for all your emails. A lot of people often decide whether or not to open an email message based on the subject line, so making it interesting and provoking can be a perfect strategy to increase the percentage of emails which are actually read. You can try to put in some numbers and facts in your subjects but also make sure they are short, non-formal and most importantly concise and straight to the point.

Optimize Your Mailing List – secondly, it is important to always send out your email messages to people who actually care. There is no value in sending loads of emails to lots of people who perhaps have no idea who you are. 

Therefore, when you are developing the mailing list always target potential subscribers that may have some interest in your business or the products it offers. Additionally, try to refresh and improve your mailing list so that every time your email goes out someone somewhere is expecting it.

Know the right time to hit send – well, email marketing has since been automated with a broad diversity of software but you can still schedule your emails so that they are sent at specific time frames. It is important to first of all understand at what time your target audiences check out their inbox. 

Ideally, people would normally check their inboxes at mid-morning hours and as such sending your messages at this time can be a great way to improve your open and read rates. However, this is not definite and it’s crucial that you adapt to your own target audience and understand when they check their inboxes and at what frequency so that you can schedule your email marketing campaign accordingly.

Email marketing is a great tool to maintain customer loyalty and improve sales. The above three tips should help you improve your “open and read rates” with no hassle at all.


Jake Davenport