VW TDI Dual Mass Flywheel DMF Nightmare


VW TDI Dual Mass Flywheel DMF Nightmare

Dual Mass Flywheel(DMF) on a 2003 VW Golf TDI ALH 1.9L. The Flywheel was more then 15deg off (Twisted) and off-centered. That caused a horrible and unexplainable off balance wobble in the rpm range of 0-2000 rpm. The sound was similar to a helicopter. Apparently the DMF is only rated to 100k miles and have been know to fail in as little as 50k miles. Some have said that it is designed to fail.

The flywheel removal was impossible because the center mounting bolts were inaccessible. The VW experts said that you should be able to force the flywheel back into alignment to remove the 12 point mounting bolts. I tried that for about 30 mins. I was told that if you drill out the rivets that the assembly will separate. After drilling out the 8 rivets for almost an hour, only the surface that makes contact with the clutch came off. The center hub that was covering the mounting bolts remained. The last option was to cut the center hub to allow access to the mounting bolts. This worked like a charm and only took about 15 mins to complete.

Now if you were wondering the DMF and SMF have different bolts. The DMFs bolts are a 12 point Triple Square 12mm bolts. I used Lisle(tm) 4 piece Triple Square set part no. 60750 to remove the 6 DMF bolts with a 13mm socket and moly. The Lisle(tm) set has 4 sized (6mm, 8mm, 10mm & 12mm). The 8mm is needed to remove the 12 bolts from the left and right inner driveshafts to remove the transmission to access the clutch and flywheel.

Side Note: Always support you engine when you doing a clutch or timing job. In this video I was unaware that the engine had slide out of the passenger-side mount and was only being held up but the exhaust manifold. This is not a good thing.

Update: After complaining about DMF and how they fail honorably and cost so much, I have installed two since making this video and I am very pleased with the feel and response. These two DMF were accompanied by 205 upgraded aftermarket diesel nozzles, and a CAT 1R-0750 High Filtration Upgrade.

[Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with any of these companies]
(DMF Clutch) “LuK 17-050 Clutch Set” $200 US from Amazon = Clutch + Flywheel+Pressure Plate+Throw out Bearing+Bolts “super easy to install as one piece and is an outstanding value”

(Diesel Nozzles) “4 VW TDI “205 SPEC” Performance Upgrade Injector Nozzles” $86.60 US from eBay seller (www.ebay.com/itm/161451948716) = 4x Nozzles & 4x Washers “super easy to install and Return new TDI Power” NOTE: you will need a diesel injector slide hammer removal tool to remove the injectors, but it is totally worth the time and money. “Metalnerd Slide Hammer MN1818″ $55 US (

(Diesel Filter Upgrade) (I)”VW TDI Diesel Remote housing for CAT 1R-0750” $57.50 US from eBay (www.ebay.com/itm/221742716786) (II) “CAT 1R-0750 Filter” $25 on eBay “do not use substituets” (III) “8mm Brass Straight Barb Coupler” or “5/16 in ID Brass Hose Barb” $5 on eBay (www.ebay.com/itm/310783247648) the 8mm barb is to connect the diesel return lines under the mickey-mouse diesel filter clip. I cut the mount off the filter adapter.

The filter is needed to extend and performance the life of the new diesel nozzles. The CAT diesel filter should be changed along with the once a year synthetic oil change and Air filter change.