What is Fiverr? Introduction to Fiverr


What is Fiverr? Introduction to Fiverr

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What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a platform where people can buy (and sell) micro-services for five dollars, a five-er.

In this post I’d like to share some of the best types of gigs Fiverr has to offer, which everyone should take advantage of.

1) Graphic Work

There are a lot of good designers on Fiverr. You can find gigs great for banners, ebook covers, Christmas cards and even photo alterations. There are quite a few designers to choose from, so pick a style you’ll like! Make sure to _always_ check to see if the work is copyright free and not stolen from someone else (some people…). An easy quick way to do this is by using Google’s reverse image search.
2) Logo Design

Though technically graphic work, logo design is a category of its own, I would not suggest you outsource your company logo for $5. However, if it’s just for a beginning blog or a small website you can’t go wrong. Buy 5 different logos from five different designers, and I’m positive you will find something you’ll like. I’d advise to choose gigs that offer the source files for no additional cost.

3) Illustration for Blog Posts

Due to the many creative people on Fiverr, you can even outsource the visual side of your blog posts. All the illustrations in these posts were created through Fiverr gigs. Pretty sweet huh?

Another use could be to create a caricature of yourself. A colleague of mine is not a fan of having an online identity, or using photos of himself. But I do not like looking at the default avatar on the company blog. Solution? A caricature of him – for $5.

4) Voice Overs and Intros

You can score some great intros (or other things) for your videos on Fiverr featuring your logo. It will not be unique, but it will do for starters. You can also find highly skilled people to do voice-overs. You could order a voice-over for a radio commercial, video tutorial, podcast or perhaps even as a narrator for your blog posts?

5) Scraping Content

You will like this one! For as low as $5 you can get almost anything (legal) scraped/crawled. As marketeer you probably have plenty of uses for this! If you don’t, you should read Eppie Vojt’s post on scraping everything. I have personally bought a gig to gather product information from supplier that were not offered in product feeds.

6) Data Entry

Got a lot of repetitive tasks needed to get done? You can probably outsource it for $5+. Maybe let someone gather a list of URLs and add all Moz Metrics?

7) Slicing

If you have any single page designs (PSD) that you would like to get converted to HTML/CSS you can get it done on Fiverr. For a premium you can even get it converted to a WordPress theme.

Bonus Fiverr: Proofreading

There are quite a few content creators on Fiverr. You can also find plenty of professionals who will proofread your content. Like this post for example! Checked for grammar and spelling for only $5. That’s quite a steal!

Now that you know what is Fiverr. Get Started Today! –