Why I quit my job to pursue my childhood dream | Jason Y. Lee | TEDxUCIrvine


Jason Y. Lee shares his journey to find out why he left his work to create inspirational videos on youtube. Now, Jason heads Jubilee Media, a video company for passionate and goal-oriented millennia.

Jason is the founder of Jubilee Media, a media company that connects people and inspires love. Jubilee has collected more than 30 million online views for various causes and featured in The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Mashable, The Queen Latifah Show and more. In his previous life, Jason was an advisor at Bain & Company and worked for the Clinton Health Access Initiative in Zambia. He was raised in Overland Park, Kansas, and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania – The Wharton School.

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Video credits to TEDx Talks YouTube channel