3 Ways to Sell More Products Using Affiliate Marketing | Try THIS With a Small Marketing Budget

The simplest way to sell more products or services is to scale the marketing budget. The bigger your marketing budget, the easier it will be to sell more products and services. But you know what? That is not realistic for most people.
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The first thing you should do is review the affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is when you pay other people to market your product or service. And the best thing about affiliate marketing is that you only get paid for each time you generate an advantage or a sale. And you can choose what it is.

And that's amazing, because if you're not driving sales, you do not have to spend a dollar. Now the key with this is to encourage your affiliates. The way you do it is by paying them a good reward each time they take you to a sale or an advantage. But before you can do that, you need to calculate the cost of your product or service.

So, for example, let's say you're selling something for $ 200. But its physical cost is $ 100. You know you can not pay an affiliate more than $ 100. If you pay them $ 100 each time they take you to a sale you're not getting, you're not getting any benefits. You do not want to do that. You could really offer them 10 dollars.

But if it offers them something that is too low, it will not incentivize them to boost their offer instead of pushing their competitor's offer.

So you should make sure you give them enough reward to say "My God, this is a lot of money and I will be happy!"

The next thing to do is to review all the affiliate campaigns of your competitors. So go to their websites, look for their affiliate pages and when you see their affiliate pages see what they are offering. Ideally, try to at least match that, if not beat it. If your numbers do not work where you can overcome them, of course, you know, offer a lower reward to your affiliates.

And last, but not least, optimize your landing pages. By using Crazy Egg, you can see how far people move to where they click, where they get stuck. And when you optimize your landing pages, your conversions will be higher. You can even run AB tests inside Crazy Egg.

And as your conversion rate improves and even if your conversion rate is better than your competition, you can offer a lower reward because if someone attracts 100 visitors to your competitor and they only get a sale, you have an optimized landing page and They manage 100 visitors to your website and get three sales.

In theory, you can pay them less because they are getting a much better ROI in their marketing expenses. Do that, and you can generate more sales or many more sales without having to increase your marketing budget.

Video credits to Neil Patel YouTube channel

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3 Ways to Sell More Products Using Affiliate Marketing | Try THIS With a Small Marketing Budget

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